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Lincoln A/V:

Along the Way and Out of the Way

Did you know how many books have been written about Abraham Lincoln? While we don't house all of the more than 15,000 titles about this man, we do have one of the largest Lincoln collections offered for sale by bookstores. We invite you to come browse our shelves and hopefully find what you are looking for — if not, we can search for it for you!


And to clarify, when we talk about our Lincoln holdings, we mean books written about him as a boy, man, husband, state representative, attorney, New Salem and Springfield resident, poet, candidate and president of the United States.  


We also include works about his wife Mary, his four sons, his friends, his opponents and so many others who he encountered along his life's path, including collections of his own writings.

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Featured Audio/ Visual Materials

Available from Books on the Square, 427 E. Washington St., Springfield, IL 62701 | tel. 217.714.6469 or 217.965.5443  jcornelius.ala@gmail.com  or bksonsqr@royell.net

  • CD-ROM. "M619  The Lincoln Assassination Reward Files." Edited and Produced by William C. Edwards. (2008).  One disc, bearing scans of all the relevant documents from National Archives record group M619. : $14.00

    • (This was produced as an addendum to, but separate from, the Edwards and Steers 1,454-page volume [U of Ill. Press, 2009], The Lincoln Assassination: The Evidence. : $99.00)

  • Book plus audio walking-tour on CD. Michael Kauffman's "In the Footsteps of the Assassin."  (TravelBrains, 2012). Comes with audio guide. Highly illustrated. : $24.00

  • DVD, "The Trails of Abraham Lincoln," 30 minutes. No sound. Filmed in 1971 at Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois, Pennsylvania, and Wash. D.C. sites, but never completed.  Transferred from 16 mm. film to disk in 2016. : $3.00

  • VHS tape, D.W. Griffith's Abraham Lincoln starring Walter Huston.  The first Lincoln talkie, 1930; remastered in 1996.  91 mins. : $3.00

  • Audio cassette tape, vol. 3 of 'Making History Live' series: "Music for the President" performed by 1st Brigade Band (Milwaukee: Heritage Military Music Foundation, 1974; 1987).  15 tunes of Lincoln's era; about 45 minutes. : $2.00

  • Walking tour on CD, "Lincoln's Bloomington and Normal, Illinois: A Tour Narrated by Abraham Lincoln." Written and performed by James Keeran. (Bloomington: McLean County Museum of History, 2006).  About 70 mins. for 18 stops, including the 'Lost Speech' site of 1856. Includes 22-page illustrated booklet, and fold-out map. : $4.00

  • 45 rpm record, "Souvenir Edition. Lincoln's Farewell to Springfield: A Collection of Speeches ... 100th Anniversary, 1865-1965."  (Springfield, Ill.: Cal-Gor Productions, 1965). Douglas Kimball, reader. : $2.00

  • 16 mm. film with sound, in color, 29 minutes, The Assassination of Lincoln (Wilmette, Ill.: Films Incorporated, n.d. [ca. 1970]).  Plastic case is 12.5 inches in diameter. Made for classroom use, with good overview and discussion questions on label pasted inside cover. Film touches on the end of the war, policy differences between Stanton and Lincoln, Booth's "miraculous" escape, the hunt for him, and his death. Discussion points note parallels and differences with Kennedy assassination.  No actors named on labels. This copy was withdrawn from the A-V Service, Dept. of Education, Little Rock, Ark. : $10.00 

  • 4-CD set, Doris Kearns Goodwin, Team of Rivals (2006).  Never opened. : $12.00

  • Glass lantern slides, each ca. 4 x 3.25", made early 1900s for NY State Dept. of Education.  This is how schoolrooms used 'video' before modern systems: $5.00 each

    • The Submarine, from Harper's Weekly, 1.30.1864

    • 'America' song lyrics ('My country 'tis of thee'), w/color illus. of troops at Capitol, 1860s.

    • Emancipation Proclamation, original draft (now in Albany, NY), photo 1912

    • Lincoln Memorial, Wash. DC, photo 1922

    • Lincoln Memorial, Interior, photo 1922

    • Privateersmen 1777; shipboard drawing ca. 1900

    • Officers and Privates of Infantry 1832-1850, battlefield drawing, ca. 1900

    • Field Artillery 1846, battlefield drawing/engraving, ca. 1900?

    • The Lincoln Monument [Tomb].  $2.50 for this one, cracked across middle; no loss of image.

  • Huge slide collection! Ca. 700 slides of Lincoln's ancestry, early life, and local associates; another 300 of his adulthood; another 400 of the Civil War itself. Created in 1970s-80s.  In 4 boxes, each 10 x 10 x 3" weighing several pounds; with organizing tabs. Convert to Pwrpt. with a scanner and be popular forever. : $1.00 per slide, or the whole set intact for $400.00

  • CD, book on 3 discs.  Wayne C. Temple, Lincoln's Springfield / Pittsfield Connection: A Tale of Two Cities. (Mayhaven Pub., 2017). As new. : $14.95

  • VHS.  "The Lincolns of Springfield, Illinois."  Documentary distributed by PBS, 1992. 55 mins. Produced by Sangamon State University (now UI-Springfield). : $1.00

  • CD, book on 2 discs.  P. and P. Kunhardt, Lincoln: A Biography (1992).  3 discs (made 2008), but only nos. 2 and 3 are present; story picks up in Nov. 1861. : $1.00

  • Cassette tape, "Glenna Belle Boyd [sings] Civil War Songs."  9 numbers, ca. 1985. We suggest that a book or our reference folder on C.W. spy Belle Boyd accompany this. : $1.00

  • VHS, They Died with Their Boots On (Errol Flynn and Olivia DeHavilland), 1942, colorized.  140 mins. About Little Big Horn, 1876. : $2.00

  • VHS, Son of the Morning Star (Gary Cole and Rosanna Arquette), 1991.  183 mins., on 2 tapes. Also about Little Big Horn. : $3.00

  • DVD, Gods and Generals (Jeff Daniels, Stephen Lang, Robert Duvall). 2002.  219 mins., with many extras. From Manassas to Chancellorsville; epic. : $3.00

  • Two cassette tapes, "Carl Sandburg Reads." Recorded 1951-52 (Caedmon / Harper Audio, remastered 1992). 1:34 running time. : $2.00

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