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Abraham Lincoln 


Do you know how many books have been written about Abraham Lincoln? While we don't house all of the more than 18,000 titles about this man, we do have one of the largest Lincoln collections offered for sale by bookstores. We invite you to come browse our shelves and hopefully find what you are looking for. If not, we can search for it for you!


And to clarify, when we talk about our Lincoln holdings, we mean books written about him as a boy, man, husband, state representative, attorney, New Salem and Springfield resident, poet, candidate, and president of the United States.  


We also include works about his wife Mary, his four sons, his friends, his opponents, and so many others whom he encountered along his life's path, including collections of his own writings.

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Available from Books on the Square, 427 E. Washington St., Springfield, IL 62701 | tel. 217.714.6469 or 217.965.5443  or

*If you are interested in any of our featured books, please contact us.

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